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+ Lost
+ Breaking Bad
+ Game of Thrones
+ LoTR / Hobbit
+ The Walking Dead
+ The Hunger Games trilogy
+ Sherlock (BBC)
+ Hannibal
+ Supernatural
+ Loki / Tom Hiddleston
+ X Men
+ Pokemon
+ cats
+ wolves
+ art
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+ fashion
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  • person: i hate cats
  • me: what the fuck

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if i start talking to you about really stupid shit and im not trying to look intellegent anymore that means youve done it. obtained true trust levels. god tier friendship. 

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i get so affectionate when i’m sleepy it’s disgusting

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be an atheist, be a christian, be buddhist, be straight, be gay, be cisgender, be transgender, be non-binary, be carnivore, be vegan, be whatever the hell you want to be but don’t be an asshole is this so hard to understand

"My problem was that no one ever needed me as much as I needed them."

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Caroline Jamhour

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my ultimate goal is to be at peace with myself, eliminate toxic feelings and elements and energies from my life, unlearn negative and harmful practices and thought patterns, stop checking for people that don’t check for me, create a space for myself that is nurturing for growth so that i may generate loving energy for myself and for others, nourish my spirit and balance my energies, i have big dreams and i deserve to live a life i love and let that love radiate

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"Telling a young girl she can’t wear what she wants because it’s not appropriate encourages the idea that men’s reactions should dictate society’s norms, and that all women are meta-Eves, tempting and ensnaring men with our sultry-eyed gaze. My parents’ culture is steeped in patriarchy, in the philosophy of the one-step machismo machine, where there is just one kind of man, and two kinds of women: the angel and the whore. These limited ideas of masculinity breed men who want ownership of women."

Fariha Roison  (via albinwonderland)

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So, I finally managed to get all my shit together. I managed to pay off all the debt that living with my ex roommate made me accumulate (Like almost $3000) and managed to save quite a bit along the way. I got a promotion and raise at work. Learned from the mistakes I’ve made with multiple people and have become a better person. Lastly I’ve figured out more about myself from a whole of introspection. 

I decided that I should celebrate! Since I’m forever alone with no one to spend money on, I decided to spend it on you guys! (besides I love all of you and whatnot)

So, what am I giving away?

  • $150 to any online shopping place you can think of! Wanna buy shit on Amazon? Go for it. Homestuck trash and want to spend it all at whatpumpkin? Let’s do this. Need cosplay material? You find it, I’ll pay for it. Building a fucking deck and want me to buy you lumber? If I can pay for it online you can bet your sweet ass you’re getting some lumber. 
  • The Humble Dynamite 10th Anniversary Bundle!
  • The Humble Sci-Fi eBook Bundle Presented by Open Road!
  • The Humble Audiobook Bundle 2 featuring Recorded Books!
  • The Humble eBook Bundle 4!
  • The Humble Doctor Who Comics Bundle presented by IDW!
  • (optional) Some shitty art drawn by yours truly! 


  • Must be following me! If you aren’t following me, you’re dead to me (sorry mom).  If you stay after this is over that would be really rad. 
  • Must be willing to give me your email and shipping address. Email is for the Humblebundle codes. If you’re really uncomfortable giving out your shipping address, I can do an egiftcard or whatever, but then I won’t pay extra for shipping.
  • Speaking of shipping, I will ship anywhere that whatever site you choose allows me to. So if you live in Antarctica and can find someplace that ships there, go for it. Shipping is NOT included in the $150 for up to $75
  • No giveaway blogs. I will check. 
  • Liking and reblogging both count. You can reblog as much as you want. I don’t care if you annoy your followers, that’s your business. Just make sure they don’t get mad at me. I’m not responsible for what you do with your life. 
  • If you want to know what’s in any of those Humblebundles, well they’re mainly ebooks/audiobooks/comics, but you can look them up on google yourself because I’m fucking lazy. I paid enough to get all the extras for each bundle
  • Shoot me an ask if you have any questions. If they are already answered be prepared for sass.
  • You can enter both giveaways (there’s another one here) but can only win one. So if on the off chance one person wins both, I’ll let them choose which one they want, and choose again for the other. 
  • I reserve the right to add more prizes, though none shall be taken away. Honestly I’ll probably add any non-game bundles that come out
  • Winners will be chosen at random. You must have your ask box open otherwise I’ll pick another winner and you’ll be stuck in a world without fabulous prizes. If your ask is open, you’ll have 24 hours to respond before I pick a new winner. 
  • This bad boy ends September 06, 2014 at whatever time I feel like ending it. I live in EST for all you folks in different time zones